Creating Sacred Spaces with Reed Diffusers (& How to Use Them!)

by Tamara Neale

If you’re here - you’re someone who loves to create a sacred space, and scent is the perfect place to start.

Reed diffusers are a no-brainer in that they’re easy. You basically set them, and flip them once in a blue moon (or when the scent is a little lacking).

This is a perfect product for someone who wants scent in their space, but just wants the peace of mind to not have to worry about remembering to blow your candles out! And, you can adjust the scent levels by flipping, removing or adding in reeds to create the perfect strength for you & your space. We’ve created these artisanal reed diffusers so you can create your own sacred space filled with long lasting aromas, minus the flames or heat.

How Does It Diffuse Scent?

You choose your favourite scent (like On The Inlet!), which comes with 6 wooden reed sticks.

These reeds go into your hand poured, pure essential oil bottle, and the design relies on gently drawing the scented plant powered oils up the reeds — the scented oils then work to create a scent throw in your space.

Scent Suggestions:

SUNNY: try this bright & citrusy scent in your kitchen - with scents like bergamot, sweet orange, lemongrass and grapefruit, it’s a perfect scent to brighten up any space but especially great for entrance ways. The blend can’t help but remind the people coming in and out that your home is warm, sunny space that should feel uplifting.

BY THE SEA SHORE: with eucalyptus, lavender and fir, it’s the perfect scent to add to an office lobby or an entryway to welcome people into your home with a feeling of freshness & calm.

ROSIE BAY: Rosie bay was meant for living rooms or on your bedside table - with Lavender and Bulgarian Rose, these two together create a soothing and de-stressing scent that allows you to settle in while reading your book, having friends on the couch for tea, or getting ready to wind down for bedtime.

ON THE INLET: The perfect bathroom scent. Refreshing, clean, and energizing with a blend of Rosemary, Mint, Lavender, Cedarwood for grounding. This would be perfect for a post kitchen clean too!

LONG BEACH: Revitalizing and relaxing, this is a scent we’d suggest adding to your desk space to help you de-stress from the lavender, but still feel energized via the lemon to get you through the work day!

How to Use:

  1. Open and place all reeds in the diffuser. Flip them after an hour (over a sink).
  2. Use a coaster to protect surfaces from oil drips.
  3. Position the diffuser in a well-traveled area for better fragrance circulation.
  4. Optimize performance by flipping reeds every 5 days (over a sink).

The scent should last you 3-6 months of calming aromatherapy!

Don’t forget to purchase the pure blends of custom coastal essential oils to replace and top up your plant oils.

These scents are always hand poured with love in Tofino, British Columbia.

We only use pure essential oils and organic plant oils, and we always have sustainability in mind when creating our products. These coastal blends help create serene spaces for your offices to your bathrooms or living rooms, and are crafted to bring you right to the wild west coast of Vancouver Island.