Mindfully Made

Green Initiatives

Being mindful means being intentional and thoughtful in our choices, actions, and behaviors. When we apply this mindset to how we interact with the environment and ourselves, it leads to making decisions that are aligned with the principles of sustainability, ethics, and responsibility.

We care and we think you do too.

Tribal Parks Ally

The Hobbyist is proud to be a Tribal Parks Ally, marking a significant milestone in our journey to strengthen our connection with the land and communities, and express our deep appreciation for operating our humble business on Tla-o-qui-aht land.

As a Tribal Parks Ally, we are committed to using our platform to raise awareness about the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation and their ecological conservation efforts.

We stand for positive change and growth that protects the environment, and we create products that promote earth and ocean-friendly practices. Through our position as a Tribal Parks Ally, we aim to educate visitors and residents about the rich history and roots of this land.

We eagerly anticipate learning and growing along the way. In line with our commitment, we will be adding a 1% contribution to all outgoing invoices, which will go towards the Tribal Parks program. This contribution will support the Tla-o-qui-aht Nation in their stewardship of this land, with our collective support.

We are grateful to Julian and the team for welcoming us, and we are truly honored to have the opportunity to give back

Citrus Circle

Introducing the Citrus Circle, a groundbreaking green initiative founded by The Hobbyist, aimed at promoting a more sustainable and circular economy in Tofino's community. This innovative project involves collecting citrus peels from renowned local businesses like The Wickaninnish Inn, Wolf in the Fog, and the organic grocery store - Gaia Grocery.

Instead of letting these citrus peels go to waste in landfills, the Citrus Circle collects them and runs them through an essential oil still to extract hydrosol and pure essential oils. This aquatic by-product and the precious oils are then used in a variety of eco-friendly products, including botanical bubble bath, plant-powered hand and body wash, and botanical cold process soap making, among others.

The Hobbyist is proud to be the founder of the Citrus Circle, and is passionate about reducing food waste and promoting sustainability in the community. With a strong commitment to the environment, Citrus Circle aims to minimize waste, while also supporting local businesses in making greener choices.

Join The Hobbyist and Citrus Circle in their mission to make a positive impact on the environment and promote a circular economy. Together, we can reduce food waste, create valuable products from citrus peels, and contribute to a greener, more sustainable future.

surfrider foundation

UPCOMING! We are working to gain our Surfrider foundation accreditation, and more on this soon!