it's small but mighty
  • Jordie Hennigar


    Jordie discovered her true self and inner peace through photography. Picking up a camera provided a stillness where creativity and joy flowed. Jordie's work is vital to her harmonious existence, aiming to evoke emotion and timelessness. As a self-taught artist, she has traveled the world with photography, featured in prestigious exhibitions and publications. Based in Tofino, Canada, she is constantly exploring while pushing personal and career boundaries.

  • Steph Benton


    Steph is a yoga teacher by trade so when she's not guiding her students or enjoying the beach, she shares her time and energy assisting the Hobbyist. Her presence is cherished as she not only brings an exceptional taste in music but also an extraordinary enthusiasm for life. Steph does it all - she labels, pours coastal candles, hand crafts small batches of botanical soaps, sets up the market quicker than me and all with biggest smile and best attitude.

  • Michelle Bodnar


    Michelle's contributions span a wide range, encompassing everything from providing moral support to preparing monthly reports. Her exceptional kindness and patience with the Hobbyist have been unwavering - and as someone who isn't a 'number person' I have tested her limits! As the Hobbyist has expanded, Michelle has remained steadfast, assisting me in staying focused and ensuring that we remain on track with what truly matters.

  • Laura Ramsey


    Meet Laura, an experienced brand strategist and graphic designer who genuinely cares about creating remarkable visual identities that truly resonate. With her unwavering commitment to excellence and an impeccable eye for detail, Laura is dedicated to helping businesses enhance their presence and forge genuine connections with their audience. She took my original brand leveled it up in way I never thought possible - The sky is the limit with Laura by your side.

  • Alexia Lost Mermaid Studio


    A mother, witch, astrologer in training, artist, and designer, Alexia founded Lost Mermaid Studio to empower women in their dream businesses. She aims to create visually stunning branding and digital spaces that reflect their souls, setting them apart from competitors. Collaborating with artists and wild women, she envisions a world where daughters can thrive in their passions. With genuine care, Alexia is ready to take the leap and support her clients' success.

  • James Devine


    Meet James, a skilled professional in the art of label printing. From the smallest tasks to the grandest projects, James delivers with precision and care. When a print doesn't meet his high standards, he reverts to the timeless method of picking up the phone—a refreshing approach in today's digital age. As someone who used to handle label printing myself, I was thrilled to find James. His expertise and commitment made it clear that he was the perfect person for the job.

  • Sara Spectrum


    Introducing Sara, a multi-talented artist who defies categorization. Her diverse skills allow her to seamlessly transition between different creative realms, whether it be as a tattoo artist, wedding photographer, or graphic designer. Sara's immense talent knows no boundaries, and she possesses a unique ability to capture the true essence of her surroundings. Her kind and gentle nature further enhances her capacity for creative endeavors, ensuring that each project she undertakes is imbued with authenticity and a beautiful rawness.

  • Sarah Platenius 


    Curious about the origins of the Hobbyist's botanicals? While some are wild foraged, like yarrow, spruce tips, and Nootka rose, the majority is cultivated on Sarah's breathtaking family property nestled along the shores of the Clayoquot Sound, right here in Tofino. Sarah's green thumb knows no bounds, as she lovingly tends to a diverse array of plants. To top it all off she is also an incredibly talented artist. Sarah is the definition a flower fairy!