• Product photo of the Palo Santo
  • Product photo of the Palo Santo
  • Product photo of the Palo Santo

Palo Santo

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Palo Santo is often used in meditation, purification, cleansing as well as aromatherapy.

The pleasant and uplifting aromatic smoke releases negative energy, cleanses and purifies a space and attracts positive energy for those who are open to it!

Light the end of a stick and let it burn out until it is left smoking. Set your intention or say a smudging prayer as you go. Move clockwise through a space making sure the smoke touches every corner, closet and hallway. Finish with gratitude.

Origin: Ecuadorian
Ethically Sourced from fallen Bursera Graveolen trees

-- Smudging Prayer --
Into this smoke I release all energies that no longer serve me. All negativity that surrounds me and all fears that limit me. And so it is.

Be sure to use a fire safe bowl when in use. Don’t leave unattended. Do not use around birds, babies or people who are sensitive to smoke.

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