• Long Beach | Reed Diffuser
  • Long Beach | Reed Diffuser
  • Long Beach | Reed Diffuser

Long Beach | Reed Diffuser

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Embark on the aromatic journey of Long Beach, our custom coastal blend of pure Lemon and Lavender essential oils. This fresh and floral aromatic blend creates a lasting and uplifting experience, refreshing the senses and easing the mind. Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of lavender and the energizing zest of lemon, finding the perfect balance between relaxation and revitalization in this soothing blend.


Reed diffusers offer a convenient solution for infusing your space with a long-lasting aroma, all without the need for flames or heat. The design relies on gently drawing scented oil up the reeds, creating a welcoming ambiance that's sure to leave a positive impression.


  • High-quality,  coastal blends of pure essential oils
  • Includes 6 natural reeds
  • Lasts for 3 months
  • Hand-poured on Vancouver Island in Tofino, BC

How to Use:

  1. Open and place all reeds in the diffuser. Flip them after an hour (over a sink).
  2. Use a coaster to protect surfaces from oil drips.
  3. Position the diffuser in a well-traveled area for better fragrance circulation.
  4. Optimize performance by flipping reeds every 5 days (over a sink).

5 - 14 days depending on Canada Post.

Depending on your province and country, yes.