D O Z E plant perfume is made with all-natural essential oils, packed with supporters to aid in relaxation or bedtime. Sweet and floral Ylang Ylang,  lavender and cedarwood all work together when spritzed on body, pillow, or used as a room spray.  The amber glass bottle was chosen to protect the essential oils inside from natural light, which will add longevity to your purchase. 

Ylang ylang aids in reducing depression while cedarwood oil adds a strong base note to the mix, and is noted to have sedative qualities, making it beneficial for alleviating restlessness.

Give the little bottle a shake before use to allow the natural scents to mix.

It's What's Inside That Counts:

Distilled water, witch hazel, organic fractionated coconut oil with a custom blend of pure essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang + cedar. 

100 ml amber glass bottle

Hand-poured in small batches in Tofino in our little studio in the forest at the Botanical Gardens.

Wholesale orders are always welcome - please contact us for details.


All of our products are handmade by Tam in Tofino, B.C. using local Canadian ingredients and products.