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Dish Soap Bar

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Formulated to create big, fluffy, cleansing bubbles that are able to cut through your pile of greasy dishes while leaving your hands soft and moisturized. This concentrated, plant powered, citrus dish soap comes in block form.  Say buh-bye to single use plastics!

Dish soap bars also work wonders as a stain remover for your laundry. They make getting those stubborn labels off your jars seem simple, and help lift carpet stains with minimal scrubbing. 


It's what's inside that counts:
Saponified coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil with stearic acid, organic cane sugar, sodium lactate, citrus peel powder and a custom blend of pure essentials of sweet orange, lemon, and pink grapefruit. 

How to: 
Wet brush, for plates, bowls, and cups, and rub the dish soap bar to create rich, fluffy suds, Repeat as needed to refresh subs. 
Wash items and rinse well. 


All our dish soap bars have been sliced, beveled and stamped into 5-ounces bars. 

For soap longevity, please keep the bar out of water when not in use.

5 - 14 days depending on Canada Post.

Depending on your province and country, yes.