Amber Glass Spray Bottle

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This 500ml or 16 ounce Amber Glass Bottle with White Trigger Mister is the perfect way to package any of your specialty or light sensitive products where you want to ditch the plastic and glass packaging is favoured. The perfect home for products ranging from aromatherapy based cleaning products to misters like room or body sprays, this bottle is ideal  for a wide range of uses and products!

We use these bottles for our multi purpose spray bottle and our own home mix for window cleaning (water, vinegar, dash of dish soap). With time, the little triggers can fail, but just check in as we can sell the triggers separately or try using any spares you may have kicking around the house. There are adorable stickers you can purchase online to dress up the bottle.

Life Cycle
Fully recyclable, glass needs to be cleaned and recycled following your districts regulations.