Our All Purpose cleaner is made with plant derived cleaning agents, which makes this product ocean friendly. We've packed it full of D-limonene, which is an extract of cold-pressed peel oils such as like orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit.  The smell of citrus with eucalyptus is refreshing, pure, clean. When running low on time before guests come over, spritz as a room spray to liven the house up. We use this on the daily at home when the job calls for more than dish soap and hot water.

We have poured the cleaner into an amber glass bottle which can be refilled with more product when you are running; come by our studio and ask. Alternatively, we are looking at sourcing a larger jug.

D-Limonene is a fragrance agent, a degumming agent, and a gentle yet powerful cleaner that is reputed to effectively remove stains, grease, tar, and more. When applied to different types of hard surfaces, such as counter tops, windows, mirrors, floors, bath tubs, refrigerators,  d-Limonene is reputed to bring a high shine to all cleaned items.

How to use
Spray on shower glass doors and let soak. Safe on wood, laminate, concrete. Spray, soak, wipe off.

It's what's inside that counts: 
H2O, coco betaine (coconut derived and biodegradable), vinegar, polysorbate 20, D-Limonene (citrus derived, biodegradable) borax, washing soda, germall (preservative) essential oil of eucalyptus