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green initatives

we are

sustainably produced

Made with local and sustainable ingredients, we pride ourselves on what's inside.

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the beeswax program

Beeswax is made from the body of a honey bee. A tiny flake of wax is excreted from her at a certain stage in life. This flake of wax is used for the bees honeycomb. It takes a beekeper 8lbs of honey to harvest 1lb of beeswax from a hive!

This is a lot of work for the bees and farmers.

This special wax deserves every tiny piece to be fully used with deep respect.

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proud to be a

tribal parks ally

The Tribal Parks Allies are a community of entrepreneurs and organizers united by their love and respect for our land and the culture that keeps it alive.

Our commitment to being a Tribal Parks Ally means committing to using our platform as way of raising awareness of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation and their ecological conservation efforts.

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the citrus circle

The citrus circle initiative is one that we started with our two partners, Gaia Grocery and Wolf in the Fog. Our collective goals are to reduce waste in our local land fill and to promote a more circular economy.

We drop off our hobbyist bucket at partners location and pick it up once it's been filled, or within two days.

The citrus peels are then processed by removing stickets, and are put through a food processor. Once the peels have been broken down we fill our essential oil still using the stream distillation system.

The result is a small batch of hydrosol and pure essential oils (!!) that can be used in our botanical candle collection, bath bombs, and homemade soaps.

excited to soon anounce

surfrider foundation

UPCOMING! We are working to gain our Surfrider foundation accreditation, and more on this soon!

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