Good for-you Granola Pioneer blend: Please update with this: 

Our classic granola mixes are made with premium ingredients, such as Gluten Free Canadian oats, and organic Canadian maple syrup. 

Our Pioneer blend of Good for-you Granola is inspired by hungry mornings and full days. It is filled to the brim with dried fruits, seeds and organic coconut flakes. We are stoked to keep this recipe vegan and nut free though it is made in a kitchen with nuts.

Enjoy this granola with some yogurt, as a topping on a smoothie bowl or make it your new go-to ingredient in your favourite morning or dessert recipes.d

1 lb | 453 grams

It's What's Inside That Counts:

GF Canadian Oats, organic coconut flakes, an assortment of dried fruits of apricots, vancouver island cranberries, dates, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, vegetable oil , coconut oil , flax seeds, organic Canadian Maple Syrup, Vanilla Extract, demerara brown sugar. 


sea salt